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My husband and I have been doing lunch for dinner for years now. I like that I can just have something light in the evening so that I don't feel like a bowling ball at bedtime. You know what I mean, heavy. I remember spending time with my grandparents on their farm. Lunch was always a bigger meal than supper. Then afterwards a nice nap before heading out to the fields again.

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Lunch is often a struggle. When my husband retired nine years ago, I told him I didn't do lunch. I don't do breakfast either since we eat cereal at different times. If I eat too much lunch, I'm not hungry at night. I try to keep sandwich "fixings" available, but I am so tired of sandwiches. We go out to lunch on Thursdays and eat a somewhat large lunch, so I don't cook that night. I have leftover chicken (from Sams) in the refrigerator, so I plan to make chicken salad today. I also make egg salad and pimento cheese. I like to have those with crackers. Add some fruit and I have a ladies' lunch. Lunch is the hardest meal for me!

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THANK you! We just had a conversation yesterday about make-ahead lunches for post-golf lunches and this chicken is perfect!

As a farming family, and we had breakfast (half a honey bun for the parents, oatmeal when I was little for me); dinner--our noon and main meal of the day; and supper, which was lighter and sometimes might be leftovers, sandwiches or even cereal with fruit. I hear now it is healthier to eat that way. In grade school, my mother came and got me, most days at noon for dinner: low-fat meat, a boiled or steamed green veggie and a yellow veggie or baked potato.

When she went to work, the main meal was supper--often in a pre-crock pot contraption she "cooked up" to work over the simmer burner. In summers I cooked the main meal, dinner/noon, from 14 on. "Lunch" was unknown to me until high school or later! In summers we almost lived on grilled burgers for supper!

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