Nov 24, 2021Liked by Anne Byrn

Each holiday season, my husband suggests we pick up a bag of these kind of rolls from the supermarket, as they bring back warm memories of dinner time and growing up in Georgia. Me, a sorta-kinda baker, always scoffs at the idea. "Bagged rolls"? is my standard —and I guess, snooty—response as we move on to the next aisle. Today, I spotted the last bag of White Lily flour at the market and took it as a sign to bake a batch of these yeast rolls. They sound delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Anne.

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What great memories and the rolls are gorgeous. I love your mother-in-law’s name— and the recipe is a lovely tribute. Happy Thanksgiving, Anne!

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Nov 23, 2021Liked by Anne Byrn

Thank you for sharing your recipe. It's very similar to my Mom's recipe from the 40's. She let it ride then punched down and refrigerated overnight...and our "ice box" was pretty small. Yours is a larger batch, so I'm taking it to my sister's for Christmas dinner.Happy Holidays.


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