What is Between the Layers?

A conversation about life through the lens of cooking and baking.

Because in life you don’t always know what’s around the corner or hidden inside. There might be a backstory, another side of the story, a reason to laugh, and a reason to take a closer look. My posts lead me to a recipe. A really good recipe.

I started writing about food for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in the late 1970s, and I have seen haute cuisine, nouvelle cousine, cuisine minceur, the creation of American cooking, a 1980s decadent style of cooking that would give way to ‘90s healthfulness and then to 2000 and its endless supply of online recipes and ideas but often no substance. And that’s where I come in.

In my Nashville kitchen. Photo: Bob Delevante.

Is it free?

Yes, every other Tuesday a public post is free for all readers. But paying subscribers receive my post each week as well as additional content. And it’s just $8 a month or $50 for the whole year, with recipes galore. You spend that on a coffee and a new cookbook! See below…

Why should I pay to subscribe?

  • You get the Tuesday post each week plus some Thursday posts, a rotating mix of throwback recipes, shopping lists, sneak peeks, and open threads of discussion.

  • Those live Subscriber Open Threads of conversation are about cast iron, favorite techniques, seasonal topics, new cookbooks, or go-to recipes. Ask me anything!

  • Plus, you are eligible for monthly contest giveaways, know what I’m writing week to week because I unveil that to subscribers a week before, and be a part of building Between the Layers.

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Either paid or free, just join me.

Be part of a community of people who bake, cook, and like to share ideas. Collaborate.

It’s what I’ve always done. Since the days I was the food editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, went to cooking school at La Varenne in Paris, wrote my first of 15 cookbooks and became the fan-favorite Cake Mix Doctor, I’ve wanted cooking and baking to be easier and more accessible for all. And I want it to be beautiful, too, which is why I cook and style the food in my photos, either professionally shot or with my IPhone.

Cooking at the James Beard House, NYC, October 2019.

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