Aug 19, 2021Liked by Anne Byrn

OK. I will admit it. I never used canned soups much before we spent more than a year eating every meal at home. You would think--more time, more homemade? No. I have become an artist at combining canned okra, corn and tomatoes; canned tomatoes and beans; canned white meat chicken; leftover veggies, rice or pasta; with boxes of bone broth or canned broth into chicken soup. Sometimes I even use a can of "healthy" chicken and noodle or chicken and rice as a starting point.

It's nothing like your recipe, but it can be a quick and good meal from pantry staples and a little creativity! I will say the canned combo of tomatoes, okra and corn is a wonderful and unexpected addition to this process. And with a often cook and rainy totally unusual summer where I live, it has been perfect for quick suppers or lunches.

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